Being on an insulin pump means wearing an infusion set (small plastic catheter that delivers insulin into fat), I wear my infusion set either on the outside of my upper thigh or just below the belt on my rear end. This week, I just observed how aware I am of where my infusion set is, completely on a subconscious level.

This week is a “left-sided” week. My infusion set is on my right thigh. This means that I sleep on my left side, carry my bags and purses on my left side, … Next week will be a “right-sided” week. When my infusion set switches side, I pretty much automatically switch everything else. It hit me this week that this is something that I don’t think much about– it’s almost automatic. When I pack up my books for work, I pick up my bag and somehow it’s on the correct side.

Now I have another good reason for site rotation. If I don’t I will lead a really lopsided life!