We went to visit some friends this weekend and one of them was surprised to see me poking my finger to check my blood sugar. He said that he figured that those days were over now that I was on the pump.

It’s a common misconception– that that device that I wear attached to me 24 hours a day deals with my diabetes for me.

No way. The pump is a tool that helps many achieve better control and a more flexible lifestyle. But, if anything, the pump requires MORE work on my part than injections did.

So then came the next question: how hard can it be to ‘close the loop’? (a pump that immediately responds to blood sugar levels– like a fake pancreas)

The answer, I don’t know. I hear that we are always “five years away” from closing the loop. Perhaps it’s too difficult, too risky. Perhaps there are companies that prevent such a technology from becoming available.

This could be a great advancement in diabetes care– still not a cure– but a whole new level. We tend to think that we can accomplish ANYTHING with technology. So what’s the hold up on closing the loop??